Summer Changes with Updates, Format, and Beta Group Testing

Summer Changes with Updates, Format, and Beta Group Testing - Logo Image 2It’s been some time since our last update to the blog. Truth is, much of the work has been going on behind the scenes in the beta testing from the LuvMyRecipe Beta Group. There were some issues that emerged there that have prolonged the “sharing” recipe forms going public. We believe we have a hold on the issue and we’re working on the fixes literally as I blog this.

Not to mention there have been a couple family loved ones that have passed away in the interim. Having such a personal loss takes the wind out of your sails. We’re all kind of close here behind the scenes at LuvMyRecipe, so it was a loss for us all. While it’s been difficult, we’ve resolved to move forward. Not looking for sympathy here, just giving some reasoning behind some of the absence of public postings here at the website.

Moving forward

We’re correcting the issues that arose from the beta form testing. While we’ve gained some new membership, sharing recipes is something that hasn’t been available publicly for some time here at the site. The forms are available if you’re part of the beta group but we’re having issues with the images submitted with the recipe. While we hope to get this done soon, it does mean that publicly we’ll not see the recipe forms right away.

That being said… the recipes that have been submitted through the beta forms will be going public soon and we’ll see some additions to the main site feed and some articles as well for the main content of the site.

Site Functionality

Members and new members have not lost the ability to explore here at LuvMyRecipe. Sit functionality remains fine for the public areas. There’s are hundreds of recipes to search through and creating an account here allows you to save your favorites to your Recipe Box. Members can create their profiles and customize them and all recipes that are public can be shared on various social media sites.

Profiles are being updated with some aesthetics this week. While many of the functions are there, there’s still more to come and it already feels clunky. We’ll be doing some cleanup for a smoother experience but also a better look and format.

Thank You

While I am making my post short today, I wanted to update the community on where we stand and give a bit of status report. There’s still people coming to the site and using the recipe boxes as intended but administration hasn’t posted publicly and we wanted to let everyone know we’re still here. We thank everyone for their time, patronage, and interest in our project here.

Bon Appétit and Happy Cooking! (nod to Julia and Jack). - Staff Logo

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