Community Guidelines

Let’s talk about our Community Guidelines. As with any community, the soul and lifeblood of are the people themselves that make up our community. These are the individuals within our groups of home cooks, casual foodies, professional chefs, who visit us daily to read, share a recipe, comment and review their fellow LuvMyRecipe community member’s recipes or content. The web visitor that comes to simply learn how to make some rice, chicken soup, or flatbread. These people are really who and what our community is… and these are who we cater to.

Respectful behavior of others is expected of you while you visit our community. All contributed content (comments, recipes, product reviews, articles, and community postings), are subject to our Content Moderation and Editorial Process.

Diversity, Acceptance, and Inclusion

The LuvMyRecipe community are people who LUV to share recipes, helpful tips, and useful articles for preparing food or sharing their culinary knowledge. Website visitors who become members of our community should expect an environment free of racism, hate, bias, or prejudice based on a person’s race, gender, sexual orientation, or ANYTHING AT ALL frankly. As a member of our community, the same will be expected from you.

Recipes are shared with us from literally all over the world. The world is an incredibly diverse place with any number of tastes, flavors, and aromas to define a cuisine and even a culture. We welcome people here to share their cuisine and culture with all of us. We ask that all members treat each other with respect and dignity.

There is zero tolerance for hate in our community.

An Expectation of Courteous And Friendly Behavior

While visiting and contributing to our website, there is an expectation of courteous and friendly behavior from all participants. Our members are people of all ages, walks of life, cultural backgrounds and cooking experience. A diverse group of people is a good thing when the community isn’t trolling one another on topics of discussion that result in tears and yelling.

We exist to discuss food, share recipes, discuss tips and generally help one another if needed. All the content at is subject to review by a human moderator. This includes the comments, product reviews and any images that may have been uploaded with a recipe, article, or message board post, which any community members can create and edit (if it’s their own).

When leaving comments here or when generating any new content through our website, please be respectful to our other community members. If you’re leaving a comment on a recipe or a post… keep in mind that someone took the time to contribute to our community and ultimately for you to read and try if you’d like.

Constructive feedback and comments on ALL content is welcome here. Disrespectful, discourteous, rude or abusive behavior is not acceptable no matter what the cause and such content will be removed for further review by our editorial staff.

If you believe there to be an issue regarding this policy and members of our community, and you wish to flag website administration, simply use our website contact form.