Copyright Policy - Copyright Tile does not intentionally publish copyrighted material and generally follows this Copyright Policy regarding all our content. LuvMyRecipe user content is submitted through our content forms from the LuvMyRecipe community members and subsequently published on pending a spam review.

The recipes or posts are submitted by website users as their own recipes and are published on our website as they submitted them, after the community member has agreed to our website Privacy Policy – Terms and Conditions of Use.

The Canonical URL and Duplicate Posting

Our community members and partners are encouraged to link to their own websites through a canonical URL when possible if their content did not originate here at our website. When posting a recipe or article, there’s a field for the canonical URL in the input form.

These features exist at our website specifically for the sharing of these recipes and posts to give website and blog owners that vital SEO juice for their own content. Credit where credit is due as far as we’re concerned. Our individual community members benefit from the additional promotion of their own recipe blog or website through publishing here.

Our LuvMyRecipe community is encouraged to give credit where credit is due, just as they would want if someone used their content. If you believe there is a copyright issue with one of our community member’s posted content at, please contact that community member through their listed source canonical URL from that user’s recipe, post, or article. In addition, community members are also encouraged to list their own website on their LuvMyRecipe profile page and contact may be made there as well.

Legacy Recipes

“Legacy Recipes” are recipe content from obsolete LuvMyRecipe formats and templates that have changed over the years. These recipes never included a “Canonical URL” field when our members entered them. There was a more casual approach to sharing content early in our existence as a website. Our LuvMyRecipe members were still encouraged to add their website or canonical URL to the recipe post when they entered their recipe to our website. Members were also encouraged to list their blog or website in their LuvMyRecipe user profile (same as today).

Some members did indeed leave a link to their own website, recipe, or article in their shared content here as well as their user profile. Maintaining these links became an issue because some websites had been bought, transferred, or changed. Sometimes a website never changed ownership but directories at these websites changed because of website structure change on their end, which made permalinks invalid at our website here. Consequently, we removed all links within these now legacy recipes.

As mentioned, the canonical URL field was not a part of our recipe form templates at the time a recipe or post was shared here, but a website URL may have been included in their recipe introduction, notes, or afterthoughts. These links were removed as well. Our LuvMyRecipe members should be able to still view and “share” these legacy recipes the same as any other content at our website using our share tools. Our community members should also still be able to favorite (Luv) these recipes and add to their “Recipe Box”.

Copyright Issue?

The general consensus among many is that you can’t copyright a list of items (ingredients). The literary content around that list of ingredients  is what would hold any copyright and that would include any images with the recipe. This may or may not include the instructions for using the list of items (ingredients) under these rights. Feel Free to use Google and ask “Can you copyright a recipe?”. We did.

If you believe there is still a copyright issue after considering ALL the above information, you can contact us via our contact page. Please put “Copyright” in the subject line so the contact form goes to the right correspondence. Before contacting us regarding a copyright issue, be sure to include all of the following:

  • Contact information. Where can we contact you?
  • A link to the article or recipe from our website you are referencing.
  • Have you tried to contact the LuvMyRecipe community member who posted?
  • A link to the copyrighted reference material or a link to the copyrighted content you believe to be at issue.
  • If you are claiming ownership of an image a user has submitted with their recipe, you will need to submit proof that you own the rights to the image to be considered a legitimate claim of ownership.
  • Are you the original creator, author or publisher? If not, who are you representing?
  • Any proof or providence to support your case or issue. Please be as detailed as possible.

Incomplete claims of copyright will be held for further information and not be considered actually submitted until all complete information is provided.

Thank you for your interest. - Project Team logo