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FAQ - FAQ Tile IconIn this FAQ page you’ll find the most “Frequently Asked Questions” for our website.

This page should serve as a page to help our LuvMyRecipe members and website visitors navigate around the website a little better and have a better understanding of how our features work here at the website.

If you are new to LuvMyRecipe, Welcome! You’ll find this page a good starting place for learning to create an account, create and share content… not to mention discovering what we’re all about. is an ongoing online project that allows users to share their personal recipes with their friends through various social networks. There are various informational resources throughout our website such as articles, recipes, and older archives for our members and other visitors.

Take a look Around ! We’re trying to create a project that allows our members to share their recipes with their family, friends, and our own global community while providing an online recipe book for the home cook, restaurant chef, or foodies who all have the urge to share their favorite recipes with the rest of us. Join us in our journey…

Creating an account at is easy. Navigate your way to our Registration Page and start your registration process there. After creating an account, you are encouraged to edit your personal profile to better reflect your cooking interests, cooking style, and of course whatever you’d like the rest of our LuvMyRecipe community to know about you in your Bio.

Are you a health enthusiast? Do you only eat vegan? Are you active in sports or are you active in gardening? Are you a grill master or a carnival foodie? Carve yourself a little piece of the internet right here with our LuvMyRecipe community. Create your own LuvMyRecipe “Group”. Your own group where you can invite others who share your culinary interests (IE: “Tom’s BackYard Grill” group, “Auntie Bea’s Biscuit Flakes”, etc.).

Any member at LuvMyRecipe can create a Group. When a LuvMyRecipe community member creates a LuvMyRecipe group, that member is effectively admin and owner of that group. The member can make their group public, private, or hidden. They can manage members within their group as they wish. Group Admins can edit their “Group Page” the same as they would edit their own LuvMyRecipe “Profile Page”. The avatar and cover image are editable, replaceable, or blank if the member chooses.

LuvMyRecipe groups allow members of that group to post with each other in their own group message board, have events, coordinate, and communicate recipe ideas (privately if you wish). Group administrators can assign other administrators or moderators to their group. Administrators of their groups can make their group public, private, or hidden and create invites for others to join their group if they wish.

LuvMyRecipe community members can be part of as many groups as they like. There is no limit to how many groups a member may belong. Members can create as many groups as they NEED. We discourage members from creating multiple groups and then leaving the groups inactive. Any groups labeled “Official LuvMyRecipe” will be removed if not approved.

To share a recipe at LuvMyRecipe, You must have an account and be logged in. Before posting a recipe, be sure to have all information and images needed for the recipe. You will need a “title” and an “introduction” to the recipe. You will need an image, a list of ingredients, and instructions (directions) to make your recipe. If you have a website with your recipe posted there as well, you will want to add your canonical URL to grab that valuable SEO juice for your content.

Make sure to check out our guidelines for content submission. For suggestions and more in depth tips for posting at LuvMyRecipe, visit our page on posting good quality content.