How Do I Share My Own Recipes? - FAQ Tile IconUnfortunately, the “Share a Recipe” function is only open to our beta group. We are using new templates and need to test them before being able to accept new recipes. This process is intended to be short and opened to the public soon.

To share a recipe at LuvMyRecipe, You must have an account and be logged in. Before posting a recipe, be sure to have all information and images needed for the recipe ready for posting. You will need a “title” and an “introduction” to the recipe. You will need an image, a list of ingredients, and instructions (directions) to make your recipe. If you have a website with your recipe posted there as well, you will want to add your canonical URL to grab that valuable SEO juice for your content.

Make sure to check out our guidelines for content submission. For suggestions and more in depth tips for posting at LuvMyRecipe, visit our page on posting good quality content.