How Do I Change My Profile Avatar Image? - FAQ Tile IconChanging your profile image at LuvMyRecipe is easy. Your profile image shows throughout the website whenever you post a recipe, post a topic in the forums, post an article, make a comment, etc.

Specifically, the image shows in your profile as your personal Avatar. Its set inside another larger “Cover Image” or background image.

If you’d like to edit your profile image here at LuvMyRecipe, then once you are logged in, you will need to navigate to your profile. Then selecting “Change Profile Photo” should start the process to change your profile image here at the website. - Change Profile Photo Image

Once you’ve selected “Change Profile Photo”, you have a few options for changing your profile image. You can upload an image, you can take a photo using your webcam or browser cam, or if you are using the Gravatar service through your email address, your image should be already showing as you have it set for your Gravatar account. Gravatar is a third party online avatar service used by but is not associated with

Let’s go through these edit options one by one. To start off, your image doesn’t have to be an actual photo of yourself, but it certainly can be if you’d like. The image could be your cat, your garden flowers, a professional image from your business card, a current image from a photo that you take “right now”, or an ancient photo you haven’t seen in years.

The point is your image can be anything you’d like. Your image is how’d you’d like to present yourself here at our website. Could be fun. Could be professional. Could be somewhere in between. Have fun with it or keep it Pro but the images should be rated for everyone. Meaning, please only post images that are ok for all ages to see. - Profile Image Edit

Uploading an image is the first option you’ll see and this process will be using your default uploader from the web browser when viewing our website. As an example, when using a PC, if you were using “Chrome”, then you would be using the “Chrome” uploader to navigate to the image on your PC, that you’d like to upload (it maybe on your desktop or a folder named “Photos” somewhere).

Click “Open” to upload your image. You also have the option of dragging and dropping the file into the designated area in this section marked “Drop Your Files Here”, bypassing using an uploader altogether.

The second option is “Take a Photo”. When clicking this option, your default webcam or camera will want to take a picture. You may receive an alert explaining that wants to “Use your Camera”. In fact, that is what you have just asked it to do… take a photo.


This is self explanatory. If you made a mistake and would like to upload an image instead of taking a picture, then simply close the alert clicking the “x”, and select the “Upload” tab instead. Follow the process as previous above. - Camera Alert - Recycle-Delete image

“Recycle” is another option available in this section. If you had a different image at LuvMyRecipe at one time for your profile and then uploaded a new one or changed your profile image through Gravatar, then your previous image may show in this “Recycle” section. If there is an image showing here, you can select it to be your CURRENT image (“Recycle” it) or you can permanently delete the image here.

When you select the “Delete” option tab from the “Change Profile Image” section, you will be able to delete your profile image showing on the website using the provided button. Please select this option cautiously because the image will be permanently removed. The image will not show on the website any longer for your profile once you’ve clicked the “Remove My Profile Photo” button. There will be no confirmation for deletion. - Delete Profile Image Section