What is - FAQ Tile is an ongoing online project that allows users to share their personal recipes with their friends through various social networks. There are various informational resources throughout our website such as articlesrecipes, and older archives for our members and other visitors.

Our website has been around for over ten years. We’ve gone through several changes through the years and we continue to change today. You can get a more in depth idea about our story from the “About Us” page.

Essentially we were a small place on the world wide web where our family and friends could share recipes with each other and now we’re trying to open those tools to everyone so everyone can share their own food recipes with anyone they’d like. A place where someone can carve out and customize their own section of the internet and shape it into their own culinary corner.

Take a look Around ! We’re trying to create a project that allows our members to share their recipes with their family, friends, and our own growing global community, while also providing an online recipe book for the home cook, restaurant chef, or foodies who all have the urge to share their favorite recipes with the rest of us. Join us in our journey…