LuvMyRecipe Celebrates TEN YEARS online in 2022

LuvMyRecipe Celebrates TEN YEARS online in 2022 - Logo Image 5The website and our wonderful team here are happy to announce LuvMyRecipe Celebrates TEN YEARS online in 2022. That’s right ! Ten years of being on the world wide web and sharing recipes. We’re ecstatic! This is quite a thing to celebrate on our end and we are absolutely thrilled to be still receiving visitors and users after 10 years.

While the atmosphere was a bit different here at the website back then, and posting was somewhat more rare… one of my first posts is still just as valid today as it was then.

We’re ecstatic to see this milestone! We’ve changed over the years and the format is different but with time comes new things and more changes. We are absolutely thrilled to be still receiving visitors and users after 10 years. Everyone is welcome to join our community.

Thank you ALL for visiting, contributing, sharing, and creating… for ten years. Truly an accomplishment to be proud of. Bravo! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! We are humbled.

Smooth Road?

The road hasn’t been a smooth one by any means. There’s no glossing over the fact that the site has had struggles keeping the infrastructure of what makes us “who we are” as a recipe website. We are fundamentally different from other recipe websites and recipe - Fixes

The core of our site has always been the idea that a visitor can create their own little corner of the web where they can share their most precious treasured recipes with their family, friends and the world if they chose. Getting that started and keeping that in place has proven to be a bear to grapple with for us. That kind of problem may not be a big problem for web developers but it is a problem to a cook with a vision.

There have been problems with the database and with our software running the site. We’ve had to put mitigating measures in place to prevent us from losing data and keeping the site up. We’ve had to restrict all user accounts to minimize further damage and creating more problems. The list is long and quite frankly too long to get into.

We’re food creator’s and social butterflies. If we call ourselves web developers, the term is surely meant in a learning capacity for this LuvMyRecipe project. This has all been a painfully deserved and a well appreciated learning curve.

More to come for LuvMyRecipe

Moving forward in 2022 means changes here at the website.We’ve added additional staff at the site. These people will bring a more web-developer aspect to the site while others here will focus more on the recipes. We will be taking on additional contributors in the coming months. Their articles and recipes will be featured throughout the site. We hope to develop a well rounded culinary writing staff. This is all a continuing goal as well. A work in progress?

Keep an eye out for additional changes coming soon. User accounts are going to be re-activated with individual recipe books re-activated and favorites added to user profiles. The current user contributed recipe content at the site is going to be brought more in line with our current web templates for displaying to all users on all devices.

A few of us are like “wow… still here”. We’re all excited to continue and cheerfully so.

To the staff here.. this is truly an accomplishment to be proud of. Bravo peeps. Take a bow with my deep appreciation.

Thanks to everyone who have continued to support and contribute to our website through the years.. we look forward to many more years with all of you. - ChefCarol



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