Website Updates for June, July, and August

Website Updates for June, July, and August - Logo Image 2This summer has seen a few website updates on the back end of our website. We’re trimming things to a manageable level and starting to see results in cleanliness and efficiency. Again.. not much of a change on the front end of our website so it’s likely that many users never even noticed a difference.

Full functionality for our website has yet to be restored. We’re well aware that users STILL can’t share their recipes at this time like they used to. We do apologize for the length of time it has taken to finish this portion of the project. Part of the issue we’re having is moving from a model that needs approval for each recipe submitted to a new model that doesn’t need approval for each recipe. Users should be able to submit their recipe.. see it immediately and start sharing… immediately. More on this to come. Stay - Updates image

There has been some down time for the website while we try to upgrade through these last few months. It was necessary to maintain the current database while the changes were being made. Website is back up and running (obviously) and current users can log in and modify their profiles. New registrations are still disabled until we modify the registration pages to reflect current policies and changes to the site. We look forward to re-activating this feature so it’s a priority on our list after this list of website updates are done.

We’ve noticed a few old LuvMyRecipe community members have logged back in and we welcome you back. We applaud your patience with us as we get moving again. The foundation of a community is its members and we appreciate each and every one of our members. Thank you.

August will see us testing the recipe submission form against community sharing and activity status feeds. This is already underway and we’re on schedule to unlock this feature by the end of the month.

Again.. we thank everyone for their patience and patronage. - Staff Logo

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