Chings Paneer Chilli

Chings Paneer Chilli

September 29, 2017 - Paneer Chilli Featured

Paneer Chilli recipe shared by ravi kumar from Ching’s Secret.

Make restaurant style Paneer Chilli at home with this Desi Chinese Paneer Chilli Recipe. It is the best and most delicious vegetarian dish to serve as a starter to your guest during party time.  To make it at home you just need paneer chilli masala, paneer cubes, diced vegetables, green chilli and spring onion for garnishing.

The recipe for Paneer Chilli is quick and easy.  Paneer Chilli recipe has two versions gravy and dry.

Chings Paneer Chilli
Author: ChingsSecret
Prep Time Cook Time Total Time
5 mins 7 mins 12 mins
Servings: 4
  • 1 Packet Ching's Secret Paneer Chilli Masala
  • 2 tbsp. of Oil
  • 200g of Paneer Cubes
  • 100g of Diced Vegetables (onion, capsicum, carrot)
  • 1 slit Green Chilli
  • 2 Cup (300ml) Water
  • Chopped Spring onion for garnishing
  1. Add 3 tsp (20g) Ching’s Secret Paneer Chilli Masala to 2 cups (300ml) water & mix well.
  2. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan & stir-fry 200g paneer cubes, 1 cup (100g) diced vegetables (onion, capsicum, carrot) & 1 slit green chilli (add more if you want it hot) for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Add masala mixture & stir well. Bring to a boil & simmer for 2-3 minutes. For thicker gravy simmer for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Garnish with chopped spring onion & serve hot.

Recipe Rating: 4 / 5

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