A New Year and a New Look!

A New Year and a New Look!

LuvMyRecipe.com - Logo Image 2Happy New Year to all! It’s been quite a year in 2023, and we look forward to a bright new 2024! A new year and a new look is the first thing our long time visitors will notice this new year with the website.

We’ve trimmed the fat “so to speak”, and made things not only more efficient, but more in line with how we intend to move forward with LuvMyRecipe.

A New Feed

There’s a new section to the website called “My Feed“. This is a work in progress but this will be a list of your preferred cuisine interests and recipe genres that suit what you’d like to see when you come to our website. For instance, if you prefer Italian cuisine and Gluten Free recipes… you will be able to customize this preference in the feed of your home page.

The idea here being that not everyone will be coming to LuvMyRecipe to see ALL the recipes and would prefer to see only their own interest with the option of seeing everything else of course.

Registration Open Again

The second thing most people will notice is community membership registration. Registering and creating an account at LuvMyRecipe has been enabled again for the website. We’re going to start growing our community again. Creating an account at LuvMyRecipe is easy.

We’re not making a big announcement on social media for this feature addition… or reintroduction. We’re moving SLOW on this because we want to see how the website “flexes” when it starts getting regular traffic while the community starts doing regular community things like exploring the website, posting recipes and beautifying their profile.

We now have Forums!

The next thing our visitors will notice is the addition of community forums here at the site. We’ve considered adding forums in the past and there were requests for them as well. It was questionable with our last format for the site but now the argument can be made for inclusion. This year we’re going followed through with that idea and include forums in our update.

Our reasoning is that there are going to be times when we would need to communicate what was going with the website and would need feedback from our community concerning the features and perhaps issues that may arise.

A Work In Progress… or Working Project

We’ve never disguised the fact that we are a website that is a work in progress. There will be likely many issues we’ll have to resolve. More issues than time perhaps will grant us to resolve in a timely manner. Needing updates is going to be a constant thing and communicating those updates and receiving feedback from the community is very important to us. Please use the tools and feel free to leave feedback in the forums. We are already aware of few issues with some of the new features and are working to resolve them.

Our website is going to introduce new features and tools to enable cooks, chefs, foodies etc., to share their recipes with anyone they wish. We want to give food writers and cooks a platform to shine from. Have you got video content you want to share? Stay tuned.. that’s coming too.

LuvMyRecipe Monthly Newsletter

This year will also see a monthly Newsletter for LuvMyrecipe.com. Stay appraised of the latest news, features and changes going on here at LuvMyRecipe. We hope to have this implemented by the end of the month to start the year off right. There’s just a few loose ends we have to finalize to set this ball rolling as well. Keep an eye out if you’d like to join our mailing list and receive the newsletter.

As always, you can follow our progress, or lack thereof, in our blog.

Thank you for your interest and patronage,

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