More Changes, Fixes, and Updates

More Changes, Fixes, and Updates - Logo Image 5Hello and welcome to LuvMyRecipe and another edition More Changes, Fixes, and Updates.. and of course our blog. First, we’d like to apologize for all the changes with our website recently. Our website has been constantly going through changes, updates and software fixes as of recent (the past year really), and the site has been shutdown at various times for as much as a month. Most of these changes have been internal or in the background. These changes are usually not visible on the front end of our website. Its very likely you don’t know anything’s been going on and haven’t seen the changes other than the site going down… and consequently… probably don’t care.

LuvMyRecipe going through changes

However; There have been changes and hopefully they’ve been for the better. We’ve got a new server. We’ve got new in place for new forms, input fields, community tools, and profile building that will become visible slowly as we continue our testing and pass the changes to the visible side of our project.

This project was something that came about from a team of people who wanted to see something different on the internet than what was already out there. In the very least we’ll have something where everyone can share their recipes with anyone they like. We’re headed in that direction but we’re limited to the amount of time you can dedicate to the endeavor as well as coordinating time with other team members. I’m not making excuses so much as clarifying that this project is a group effort by people who all have jobs and lives while still trying to fit some “coordinated” time into our little project here. It’s slow going.. but it goes.

We never wanted to rush through the project and we needed to get some things right if we’re going to grow. That’s reflected in the slow pace we’ve got towards getting to the meat and potatoes here. That being said… we’re over a hump here in development that we’ve been working at for some time and we’re kind of excited with some more changes that will be coming to soon. Further customization and better avenues for contribution as well as faster turn around for user recipe posting.

Stay tuned.. we’re on the move.. again.

Thank you for the continued interest. - Staff Logo

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